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éRic the Viking


As one of the founders of King Of Hearts, Eric aims to provide the highest quality work possible while remaining friendly, approachable and professional.

Walking into a tattoo studio can be very intimidating for many people and it doesn't have to be. There is no rockstar ego and no attitude here, and Eric likes it that way. It makes for a way more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

​Coming from a fine art background as a painter and illustrator as well over 22 years of experience with Photoshop, he is comfortable with pretty much any style of tattooing. His work has been published in several issues of Skin Deep, Total Tattoo, Skin shots and Tattoo Dynamite 2.

He puts his skills at his clients' disposal in order to achieve work they will be proud and happy to wear for years to come.

Daniel Cook

Originating from London, Daniel did a Fine Art painting degree in Wimbledon before deciding to start tattooing.

He has been an outstanding member of our team for over 4 years, and his warm personality fits right in at King of Hearts. If we could clone Daniel we would, but the technology isn't there yet.


Super friendly, super consistent, and a great all-rounder artist, Daniel likes to work on a variety of styles, with a love for sci-fi, robots and odd Japanese illustrations.


Originating from Brazil, Diogenes has over 20 years tattooing experience. Friendly and approachable, he is a very versatile artist with a wide range of tattoo styles. He will be working with us every Tuesday and Friday.

Boff Konkerz

Boff is one of the most skilled and experienced hand-poke tattoo artists in the world, certainly in the UK. His machine-free tattooing is great for anyone who wants a different experience from the conventional noisy machines, or if you simply want a great tattoo. 

He will be working with us one week-end every month this year, so make sure you book in asap and check out what the fuss is  all about!

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Guest Artist

​Keep checking this space for latest news on guest artists.

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